Adopting from STBDR

Adoption is a huge way to help donkeys and mules in need! Not only does it provide a happy and healthy future to those who most often did not have in the past, it also opens up room for more equines to be rescued. 

Why adopt a donkey (or mule)? There's so much to love about long-ears! They can make great companions for other equines, and they're often affectionate and personable, so they're excellent pets. Along with that, they can do pretty much anything a horse can do. Packing, riding, driving, and learning tricks are some examples of their abilities. 

All of our donkeys and mules must be able to at minimum:
lead (which includes being caught and haltered in the pasture), tie, and pick up all four of their feet safely before we put them up for adoption.

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Leg is wrapped due to a scrape that occurred in his pasture
Leg is wrapped due to a scrape that occurred in his pasture

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Royal and his mom soon after arriving at STBDR
Royal and his mom soon after arriving at STBDR

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Royal *Adopted!*

Age: approx. 7 months

Height: growing standard

Suitable for: companion (preferably for another young donkey), potential for anything else once he's old enough.

Limitations/maintenance: needs consistent training/handling since he's young.

Adoption fee: $500

Royal came to us at approximately one month of age with his mother and another jenny/baby pair; saved from auction where kill buyers were bidding. He was very shy and took some time to come around. He has been weaned and has had all his vaccinations, including rabies vac. Royal now sweetly comes and asks for attention and would do well in a home with someone who can give him continued reassurance and another young equine (preferably gelding) playmate.


We also have donkeys in need of sponsors and fosters!

Sponsoring is an affordable alternative to having your own equine and it helps us cover costs for our rescued animals' care.

Fostering makes room for more donkeys to be rescued; although it is less of a long-term commitment than adopting.

Contact us to see the available donkeys!

Thank you for the interest in our donkeys! We should back to you soon!

In your message, please be specific on what you are wanting or looking for. We can match a donkey that would best suit you, whether it be for adoption, sponsoring, or fostering.

Thank you!