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All of our available animals know how to lead, tie and pick up all four of their feet safely.  They are current on all vaccinations.

Available to Adopt:



Eleanor is a 12 to 15-yar-old mammoth jenny donkey. She stands at 14+ hands. She had been used at a therapeutic riding stable before coming to us. Before that, she had done extensive trail riding. Eleanor has an old injury that makes her suitable for light riding only. She is very friendly and quiet and recently had a dental float.

Adoption fee: $1,200


Ombre is approxiately 6 years old and stands at 12 hands. He gets along with everyone in the herd. He can be a bit shy with newcomers, but likes attention. Ombre could do well in another donkey home or a horse home.

Adoption fee: $500


MuleyToons is a gelded mule in his 20s. He's 13.2 hands high.

This sweet boy loves attention and is quiet to be around, but can be a bit pushy when leading. He would love to be a "barn baby." He will stand all day to be brushed and pampered. Toons was born with deformities to both his eyes, but gets around just fine. He is not blind and does not run into things. His eyes don't need special attention, other than a UV fly mask on very sunny or windy days.

He should not be kept with smaller critters, including equine foals. He also needs solid fencing because he will walk right through a three-strand electric fence. Maybe he can't see it or maybe he "just don't care." If you're looking for a friend who loves attention and a stall, Toons is your guy.

It's unknown if Toons is broke to ride, but because of his eye condition, we don't feel he would be a suitable mount.

Adoption fee: $200


Georgia is a 6-yeaar-old standard jenny.She stands around 12 hands high. She is a playful donkey in the herd. She can be a bit shy with people, but enjoys scratches. A quiet home with another jenny donkey would be a perfect fit for her.


Fern is estimated to be in her late 20s. She is easy to catch and loves attention. She's not as big a fan of confinement as Toons is, but would love to stand for all day pampering. She does require senior feed supplement along with the hay/pasture. She gets along with everyone in the herd and is very respectful of the fence, She is said to be broke to ride and assumed to drive as well. We're sure she wouldn't mind giving a small child a spin around the yard on occasion.

Adoption Fee: $200



Davie is a two-year-old gelding who stands at 10 hands. He's a sweet, goofy young fella! He is friendly and easy going and gets along with everyone. He should have a young buddy to wrestle and play with. He and Finn have a strong connection. 

Adoption fee: $500*

*If adopted together with Finn, adoption fees will be discounted.



Charlie is an extremely friendly guy who loves people and attention! He is in his 20's and stands 12 hands high. Prior to being surrendered, he lived for 10 years with sheep. He was obese at some point in his life, and still has a fat pone (pad) on his rump which has been slowly decreasing in size. He came with extremely long, uncared for hooves. He would love to find a home with a pony/horse or other friendly mule. He should live somewhere with little pasture access.

Adoption fee: $450



Finn is a one-year-old standard gelding. He should mature around 12+ hands. He's very friendly, and a skilled pick-pocket! He would do well in a home with another young playmate, and with an owner who will continue to work with him on gaining confidence around "scary" things.

He needs a wrestling buddy and he and Davie Jones are best pals. 
Adoption fee: $600*

We also have donkeys in need of sponsors and fosters!

Sponsoring is an affordable alternative to having your own equine and it helps us cover costs for our rescued animals' care.

Fostering makes room for more donkeys to be rescued; although it is less of a long-term commitment than adopting.

Contact us to see the available donkeys!



Bullseye is someone many of you may recognize. He arrived at STBDR last fall with a large open wound to his face and is now healed and ready for adoption!

Bullseye is in his early to mid 20s and is gelded. He likes to be brushed and is low man in the heirarchy. He's a fella who knows he must do what's expected of him even if he's nervous or just doesn't want to comply. He does get anxious around large machinery.

Bullseye's broke to ride but hasn't been fully evaluated as a mount as yet. We have sat on him.

Adoption fee: $750*

Thank you for the interest in our donkeys! We should back to you soon!

In your message, please be specific on what you are wanting or looking for. We can match a donkey that would best suit you, whether it be for adoption, sponsoring, or fostering.

Thank you!

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