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About Us

STBDR is a tax deductible 501(c)3 rescue, focusing on donkeys, and occasionally mules.

Donkeys have long been called stubborn and thought of as nothing more than beasts of burden. The reality is, they are so much more than that and are becoming more and more popular. With increased popularity comes increased  population. Sadly, what follows an increase in the number of unwanted animals. Whether the reason is owners not understanding donkey behaviors, an inability to care for their animals, unexpected life events or one of any number of other reasons, many donkey owners are giving up their animals. These donkeys and mules need a place to land safely or they risk being sold for slaughter.

STBDR is here to try and help as many as we are able, whether it be our help, donors help, the public's help, or other rescues' help, these wonderful animals deserve happy endings.

When Forgotten and misunderstood, we step in.

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Rescue Location​
12788 115th St
Milaca MN, 56353

Contact Information


Phone Number:  218-591-7001

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