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Sibley County Mules 05/22

The Sibley County Sheriff's office contacted us about two mules in their possesion after they'd received a call about a "donkey" at large. The officer found Fabio headed down the highway. A passerby knew where Fabio lived, and when the officer arrived at the home, she found Mr. Valentine there, entangled in a rope tied to a trailer. He had no access to water or shelter.The owner, who apparently has a neglect case pending, surrendered both mules. Fabio and Mr. Valentine are intact males, one being cryptorchid. Both are semi-feral.

Charlie Mule 05/22

Charlie is a very sweet guy, said to be around 25 years old. He has fat pones on his rump and a fallen neck crest due to an improper diet. His owners had been unable to find a farrier to trim Charlie, though they tried for more than a year. They chose to make a 6 hour round-trip drive to STBR in order to surrender, rather than euthanize him. Although it's unfortunate that his feet are in this condition, we applaud the owners for putting forth the effort to do what was best for Charlie rather than dump him at auction.

Hannah (left) and Hickory 04/22

Hannah and Hickory are owner-surrenders, both needing hoof care and training. Hannah's feet were of particular concern, but after x-rays showed her feet to be in better condition than we anticipated, we expect a great outcome for Hannah. She's had her first corrective trim and will need several more. Hickory is a cute little jack who is scheduled to be gelded in June.




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