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September 1

Quick, late update for everyone on the little baby we brought to the university Monday. He’s doing well! I got to see him for a few minutes this early afternoon.

Some friends borrowed us their nanny goat, and while the baby won’t nurse off of her, he’s now got a companion and we have a excellent source to get milk from. Today he’s been able to be off of fluids (he’s able to keep himself hydrated), IV antibiotics are being stopped and as long as blood work tomorrow is good and he’s tolerating oral antibiotics he and his nanny friend Roxy can come back here Friday! I told the staff to give him a name as I brought him down as just the name “Black”. So they came up with Black Jack-since we have already had a black jack at the rescue we will call him BJ.

Update: Sept 7

Baby B.J is still at the University. We thought several days in a row we were going to be picking him up. Monday we were certain it was the day, but he starting sloughing skin off his legs where he had abrasions from his mom. And, despite IV antibiotics (since arrival), he umbilical stump decided it should get infected. It is open and draining and different antibiotics are now being used. Should (hopefully), only be a few more days until his return.

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