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October 26

Today I gave our vet some "fun" work!

Jackson, an older blm gelding has a mangled mouth. Front teeth issues are likely from past trauma. He is the sweetest shyest fella and glad we were finally able to get his teeth worked on.

Then our gal “Skinny Mini” who has finally gained enough weight to have her teeth worked on, although she’s only in her mid teens she has several missing teeth, and had many SHARP teeth, she will feel so much better getting those taken down.

Then the newest member Lev had his eye(s) examined. He does have a partial luxated lens that I was concerned about, along with a mature cataract. Luckily for him, there seems to be no pain in the eye, and it does have some responses to light so the eye will be staying. His buddy Igor.... well he’s just fat.

Photo of jackson's teeth. Hows that for a set of choppers!

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