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October 21

A HUGE Thank you to Hay Chix!

October Rescue of the Month:

Save the Brays Donkey Rescue

“When Forgotten and Misunderstood, We Step In.

People often ask, “donkeys need rescuing?”

And the answer is YES! Just like horses, dogs and cats-or any form of innocence. Donkeys have very different needs, both physically and mentally than horses. Everyone hears the stigmas about donkeys and we’re here to help educate the public and help as many donkeys in need as we are able. We also take in mules when we have room availability.

We are Minnesota’s only donkey rescue and this opportunity from Hay Chix will help immensely in the hay control for the average 60 long ears that are in our care. Support from the public and business such as Hay Chix make the load of everything that comes with rescuing a little easier.”

THANK YOU HAY CHIX for the $500 gift certificate!

Photo is the "wry nose" mule, "Lemon" in her first few days at the U of M.

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