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Nov. 6

Yesterday was mule day!

Dudley, one of our “problem children”, went to his foster trainer home. BIG thanks to Katie, who has been such a great volunteer. Although we won’t see her much in person now, Dudley has a better future as Katie has decided to take on this long road with him. It is over an hour drive for her to come here and volunteer. Now Dudley can have consistent work with someone and Katie can work with him when she has free time.

Also, we then headed to Wisconsin and picked up two mules that have been in quarantine foster for over a month with Joya—we thank her for doing so well by them while in her care. We have named them Callie and Kit. Callie is said to be in her teens, she has some eye issues. We’ve seen this in several other mules-if it is indeed what I suspect it is basically an autoimmune disease (no not “moon blindness”) and treatment has various results—and it is expensive....especially in more advanced cases. She has learned the game of playing hard to catch, but has obviously been used for work in her past. Will update when vet is able to examine her.

Kit is said to be approximately 4, he is a friendly bugger but gets worked up fairly easily. He shouldn’t be too hard to get to learn ground basics and then can look for a home.

These three are just another example of how your support through donations and shares help keep STBDR able to do our continued work.

Pictured here is Dudley.

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