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May 6

Kelsey and Myles update.

I am so sorry to have to be making this post for all of this pairs supporters, but the decision has been made to euthanize baby Myles.

Yesterday afternoon at a check in with the Dr. I received news that it was suspected Myles had sepsis in two of his joints so a tap of those joints was performed and again, the news came back that, that was what appeared to be going on. Hoping this to not be true, another test was run and results back in this am show the unfortunate. Dr.’s believe he would be at high risk for it to start popping up in the other two legs. I am told the prognosis of recovery on one joint is not good, and each joint added it worsens.

While this is not a completely uncommon issue, it is a very preventable one. Normally at birth the babies would be in (ideally) a clean environment and the umbilical stump is dipped in a bacteria killer/barrier like diluted iodine. Unfortunately because of where Myles was born at, the environment there is filled with bacteria. We are heart broken this is the outcome and Mama Kelsey, undoubtedly will take this hard. She will need to be closely monitored for awhile as she has already been through much stress to have this now added.

I want to thank everyone again for their support of these two and of coarse thank all of the great staff University of Mn Leatherdale Equine Center for their care of these two and Jethro.

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