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May 5

Auction baby and mama.

Bloodwork on Myles this am showed he was low on the amount of colostrum he received, so a plasma transfer was recommended. However, there was no plasma storage on hand, so we brought our biggest friendliest gelding, Jethro! Jethro will spend the night and Myles will receive what he needs. If there is left over plasma the university will store that for others that come in, who may be in need. Prayers and good vibes all goes well! Something I was unaware of: donkeys are at a higher risk (than horses) to having reactions to their donors plasma. However, the risks (I felt) outweighed the risks of not getting an infusion. If we did not do it, it would take about 3 months for Myles to be able to produce antibodies himself to fight any sort of disease/bug that could be picked up. And, although we have a pretty good quarantine safety protocol, Myles would be at higher risk because of all the animals that frequently come into the rescue.

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