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May 3

Mama and brand new baby saved from Iowa auction. Baby appears to have been born at auction.

Of course most all equine at auction are at risk for getting into the hands of kill buyers and flippers. But they are also at high risk of picking up diseases—especially if your a brand new baby. Your also at risk for rejection from mom due to stress. So we are trying to “win the bid” and get these two safe-safe and headed straight to the university. There the foal can be checked to be sure it is receiving disease immunity from its mother from her colostrum, and be monitored it’s receiving enough milk. And moms overall health can be checked.

A wonderful volunteer Kelsey hit the road to hopefully meet someone else bringing the pair North. Unfortunately, we were not able to find anyone willing to haul them part way and Kelsey made the long trip alone.

Kelsey does have mom and baby on board and are headed to the university of MN, but will not arrive until 2:00 a.m. HUGE THANK YOU KELSEY.

UPDATED: Delivered to the University.

Spoke with the vet who was on call, and baby is doing much better than expected!!! Bloodwork will be run later this morning. Mama will also have some bloodwork run if she allows it - she’s overly stressed as one can imagine, and probably not trained/handable. Concern with mama is if she passed all of her placenta. Will update early afternoon once we get bloodwork results.

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