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May 25

We had a "mini tornado" come through last night (according to the local weather man). It decided to touch down right over the rescue. Although there was damage throughout the farm, thankfully all the donkeys and mules seem ok, some of them just a little confused. I can’t imagine how scary it must of been for those in the jack pen, their pen is solid corral panels with a enclosed corral panel shelter. The shelter and panels were moved 60+ feet from where they were anchored. And scary for those in the pole barn that has a 15 by 20ft door that not only blew off into the shed, but blew quite a few feet into the shed (where I imagine the donkeys and mules were in seeking shelter). Thankfully they have a large run in, in there so there was space to back away.

Thankfully the boys mingled with the pen of geldings and mules next to them (where the big barn door tore down). We purposely keep them several pastures away from the girls, and today I am glad for that.

If you are local and know someone with some panels for sale at a decent price let me know!

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