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May 10

Bittersweet morning.

Three babies born this a.m. I was not present for either mother’s deliveries.

Unfortunately, Elsa, the pregnant mammoth had a beautiful set of spotted twins that were still born.

Georgia, the gal from the group of 16 had our first live Jenny baby. Mom and baby both seem to be doing well.

Elsa, also seems to understand and is doing ok. I will milk her to try and collect colostrum to freeze. As I dug the burial hole, all the feelings of how much I hate birthing and pregnancy hit. I know I say it often, but I just don’t understand how people do it. —I do understand WHY, RESPONSIBLE breeders do it. By responsible, I mean, those who breed good pedigree-mind, confirmation etc. But I would never want to have the responsible conscious that comes with intentionally breeding (or “accidental” breeding) if something happened to mom and or baby.—let alone adding another innocent life to a world already over populated. The guilt I feel blaming myself for not being their for either birth is more than enough. Sorry for the rant, thanks for listening and hopefully understanding!

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