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March 30

What a tough day!

Well this morning started off not good with various minor issues, as well as having Gertie put down. Her neurological condition worsened over the afternoon yesterday and into the night. (The post from 3/28)

We had Carolina, (one of the kill pen donkeys from last week with the large edema) ultrasounded over the “abscess area”. Although the swelling had decreased some she was not eating well and I suspected something else was going on. What was found was actually SEVERE trauma. The swelling, just behind her armpit and not quite midway up her chest, was actually intestine. This is no small feat, and (after euthanasia), it was found to not even be small intestine but large intestine. Whatever the trauma was that caused this (massive force-like hit by a semi type) caused her abdominal cavity to tear or rupture so her intestine was free flowing-but massive enough to also cause her thoracic cavity to also rupture or tear and allow the intestine to go towards the lungs—and then massive enough to cause a hole between the 3 or fourth rib cage and allow the intestine (1 1/2-2foot worth) to come out between the muscle layers.

She was SO STOIC, and SO TOUGH, that for anyone to “guess” that that was going on was not possible. I imagine the banamine helped relieve some of the pain but I cannot imagine what she went through during her time from actual trauma, and this a.


To both of these sweet girls, I am sorry. I am sorry your lives were cut short and I am sorry humans failed you. I am sorry you don’t get to have years more of green grass and sunny skies. I hope your souls are at peace and am thankful to know you at least are no longer suffering. Rest easy girls.

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