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July 26

We had a great time at the Minnesota Horse Expo! We met lots of great people and Lemon sure had a lot of fans there. Several companies gave us some products and great deals. Lemon tried out flairstrips-which actually really seemed to help. And not only was Jim very knowledgeable about his product he has done several nasal reconstructive surgeries on wry nose horses! Big thanks to Kurt (and LA), for giving Lemon some calming relief with his Bad Apple treats (Kinnekton), they really helped, and actually seem to be helping with her licking stifles! Blissful Dog carries lots of various products and we received several I’m excited to try!— especially the bug off! Annnnd!— we have received a really exciting offer from Ken who deals with watering posts, livestock waterers.

Humongous thanks to volunteers Sharon, Katie, Courtney, Elenora Susan and Dan who helped greet and give information to our visitors and extra thanks to Susan and Dan for putting in more hours than even myself so I could travel back and fourth and do chores.

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