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February in Review

As expected in Minnesota, February brought the extreme cold. We had approximately two weeks straight of below zero temps, sometimes -20 and -30, many days also brought the wind which lowers the temps even more.

During this time, the older mules were double blanketed to help them maintain heat and several donkeys were brought inside for a few days. Of course we make certain that all donkeys/mules have free access to shelter as they choose to use it.

February started out with the surrender of Ernesto, a young mini who had been down for over a week for reasons unknown. We transported him immediately to the U of M for evaluation and treatment. Unfortunately, due to his rapidly declining condition the decision was made that the best thing that could be done for him was euthanization. Several days later the necropsy report came back showing that he had internal parasites known as larval migrant. The parasites had traveled throughout his brain causing damage and neurological issues which he had been displaying.

Feb. 6th marked 10 years that we have been reducing and adopting out long ears, although we were not yet a non-profit at that time.

Sadly, Feb. 6th we were also faced with the unexpected loss of our beloved mammoth donkey ambassador Daisy. She is greatly missed.

Elsa was confirmed in foal so she will stay with us until after her baby is weaned.

Counting Ernesto, we had three new intakes in Feb. and seven who went to their new adoptive homes.

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