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Feb 3


In effort to help make some room for new comers and others that need more serious training work we are doing a new yearly discount on donkeys that just need a little more one-on-one time to blossom! While a couple of these animals can be haltered already with a little patience ALL need work and one on one time. Potential adopters for this group of long ears unfortunately cannot be new donkey/mule owners and must have a paddock to work with the animals. They cannot be turned loose in a big ole field and expect to be able to work with them. All of the animals have been vaccinated and will leave with a fresh trim. NONE of these donkeys have showed signs of aggression, (those special donkeys are the ones needing work done here). Adopters will have THREE MONTHS to get their donkeys where they can easily halter, lead and pick up all four feet safely. If the animal proves to be too much, they will be returned to STBDR without adoption fee returned so please only inquire if you are serious about working with a animal. There are three Jenny’s (first three photos), and it is possible that Sally ADOPTED(white donkey) is in foal. Four donkey geldings and one pony size mule (13.1-2) gelding. All of these guys are looking for someone to just give them a little extra love this Valentine’s Day!

Adoption fees will be $200.

To see photos of donkeys still available for the "Lookin for Love" deal, please check our facebook page.

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