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Dec. 30

As the year comes to a close and intakes for 2021 are done, I want to give thanks to all of you - Our supporters, because in 2021, Minnesotas Only Donkey Rescue was able to take in 83 donkeys and mules! Because of your support, this little rescue was able to rehabilitate and adopt many, many donkeys and mules.

Sadly, we lost 10 donkeys. Some who had been with us for many years, and some who we only met for a day or few hours. But because of you all, we were able to try and offer them love, medical support and in the end, humane euthanasia.

Because of you all, we were able to take in our biggest group at one time - 16 donkeys! Sixteen donkeys who were in terrible shape. Some with terrible feet, terrible body condition or terrible injury. We were able to save all but one, who’s injury was to severe and euthanasia was needed. We were able to save moms and their babies, and moms to be. We were able to save all these sweet, misunderstood souls because of you. And for that, I thank you.

Happy New Year!

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