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Dec. 13


Minnesota needs more long ear trainers. We routinely have between 50 and 60 donkeys and mules here at any given time. On average the past year, donkeys are with us a minimum of 5 months. The biggest reason for this, is not because their health is not yet up to par. It’s because we do not adopt donkeys and mules (normally), unless they halter easy, lead, tie and pick up all four feet safely. And 98% of what comes to us, is not handable so that leaves me to do all the training—-plus run the rescue as a whole and do regular chores etc etc. Luckily one of my daughters, who has been a big main help for years, is able/willing to help work with them sometimes.

ANYHOW, if anyone in the local area (milaca), wants to come volunteer and on occasion get a chance to learn about working with the donkeys (and or mules), feel free to pm!—here’s a little video of 3 of us taking advantage of the nice weather today! Even got my youngest son (12) to walk one of the donkeys.

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