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August 30

Need prayers and good vibes sent to this little guy born this morning!! Currently headed to U to get a good look over. Mom was anxiously rough with him, has some scrapes and has a decent umbilical hernia, and raspy lung sounds. Our trips to the university are never cheap so donations are of course appreciated!! —can call directly to the university of Minnesota large animal and put on save the Brays account if you want to donate directly.


Baby is at the University, has IV going, he will be getting a full belly and some plasma started. Dr believes what I was concerned to be a umbilical hernia is just a hematoma from trauma. Keep those good thoughts coming for the little guy! Thanks to everyone who has been able to donate, our bill estimate at this time is $3,000 or so. I know many of you often want to donate via credit card, so this is a easy way to do so-just by calling (612) 625-6700 the university can take your donation via phone.


I missed the call from the vet but voicemail says baby boy has a great appetite and all in all at this time is doing ok. Ultrasound of umbilicus showed belly wall is closed off and the swelling is from a hematoma. He may need another plasma transfusion tomorrow. Will update then! Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers as well as your donations!

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