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April 5

Just wanted to make a post for everyone as we’re getting lots of people messaging about all the donkeys at the local kill pen again this week.

This week's group looks to be in much better condition. (Thank goodness). While no we don’t want to see donkeys there, we also are not “in the business” of buying up from kill lots if not necessary.

Unfortunately until we are able to find the means to build a separate quarantine barn, we don’t have lots of space to continue taking in big groups and keep them separate from all the other donkeys here. Last week's bunch required us to purchase more corral panels so we had more space (thanks to a donor who helped contribute to some of the panels).

Many people believe that because we are a registered non profit, we get money from the government and have “lots” of money. Not even close! We rely solely on donations from the public. Myself and my family live a very “simple” life. I have not been able to work for some time because of the demands and needs of the rescue so my husband works as much over time as he can, and is now going to be working seven days a week.

We had the vet out five times last week, of course there are extra feed needs, gelding costs etc., etc., etc.

While I wish we could help every single donkey we see that needs help, we have to keep space for those in severe need from the kill pen, neglect cases, auctions and space for owner surrenders as well. So until we “win the lotto”, we are limited. We will of course keep watch on the donkeys this week and if we get to the final days with some remaining we certainly won’t let them ship.

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