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Minnesota's only donkey rescue organization

"When mistreated and misunderstood, we step in."

Our mission is to rescue donkeys in need, provide them with the necessary rehabilitation, training, and care, and find them safe and loving permanent homes. We are committed to improving public awareness and knowledge regarding the standards of care necessary to ensure the health and safety of all equines. 


The rescue stage is the first step in the process of helping donkeys in need. Often these animals lack proper hoof care, are malnourished, physically abused, traumatized, or coping with a number of medical issues.

We rescue donkeys from all sorts of situations, but they primarily come from auctions, owner surrenders, or neglect cases. Our intakes are from all over the U.S., but most come from the Midwest. 



Rehabbing rescued equines looks different for each case. All of our rescues receive regular hoofcare, vet evaluations, training, and personalized nutritional needs. Of course, they also get lots of love and time to trust humans again!

The rehab stage is the core of our efforts and can often be a long and complicated battle. Our ultimate goal is to make the animals healthy and prepare them for loving forever homes. 


After the equines are deemed fully rehabilitated, and they have passed our training requirements, they are ready to be rehomed! We do our best to match each equine to their potential adopter/home. Although we do our best to make every donkey and mule adoptable, some remain as permanent residents due to medical conditions or mental barriers that make them unfit for rehoming.  


Although we are a relatively young rescue organization, we are proud of the many things we've accomplished over the past 7 years. It's been a tough road, and certainly will continue to be, but it's more than worth it for these loving long-ears. 


STBDR was established as a nonprofit


Donkeys have been rescued so far


Equines have been adopted


active volunteers routinely help our cause

Our Recent Intakes

We average about 60 donkeys and mules under our care. Here are just a few recent intakes. For more regular updates, find us on Facebook!

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